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Students Suspended For “Twerking” and “Harlem Shake” Videos

With the help of social media sites like Facebook and YouTube a number of internet dance crazes have gone viral. Everyone from college sports teams and morning news programs have done their own pelvic-thrusting, booty-shaking, fist-pumping rendition of the “Harlem Shake.” The outrageous 30-second dances, which may seem harmless to most people, led the the suspension of numerous high school students across the country over the past few months.



LG Monitors Viral Video

The title of this viral video is “So Real It’s Scary”, and it’s true! The new LG monitors are installed on the floor of an elevator making it seem as if the floor is breaking away underneath the feet of unknowing riders. Check out the video!


Baby Feet!

Pregnancy Time Lapse Video Goes Viral

Check out the latest viral video to hit the web that documents the nine months of a couples pregnancy, ending with the birth of their daughter, Amelie Amaya.


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Weekend Funny: Talking Animals

If you’re in need of a laugh, you can usually turn to funny viral video. I’ve previously posted the Ultimate Dog Tease, and I Spy Cat – which are hilarious in their own right. The […]