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Diner Owner Not Apologizing For Telling 2y/o To Stop Crying

Is it okay to yell at someone else’s kid?


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Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant With Baby #2

Baby 2 is coming!


Carrot Top

Carrot Top Shares His Cleveland Connection, Love For LeBron And What It’s Like To Perform In Front Of His Mom

Did you know comedian Carrot Top has family in Cleveland? Find out his connection and his love for the Cavs in this interview backstage at the Billboard Music Awards.


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49% Of 20-Somethings Surveyed Have Not Had Sex In The Last Year

Baby Boomers are having more sex than Millennials


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Things Your Parents Did To You That Would Be Considered Horrible Now!

Did your parents let you ride in the car without a seat belt? Let you ride your bike without a helmet? What did your parents do to you that would be considered horrible now? Read […]


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Audio: Can You Be Friends With Your Parents?

Does the relationship we have with our parents change as we get older?


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Fee TV: Watch Carley McCord Surprise Her Family On Thanksgiving

Watch what happened when Carley McCord surprised her family for Thanksgiving!


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The Parental Struggle: I Hate This TV Show, But My Kid Loves It

This is a list of the best of the worst.



Parents, Why You Arguing Over Cereal?

Parents, weight in.


H&M Loves Music Coachella 2013 Kick Off Event

PHOTO: Dad Dons Daisy Dukes To Teach Daughter A Lesson!

This dad took some scissors to a pair of jeans… Check out the picture HERE!


Aly Tanner with her mom

Sorry, Mom.

I really was an awful child.



Question Of The Day- June 28, 2013

29% of parents argue with their kids about this.



Question Of The Day- June 21, 2013

12% of parents will do this for their kid after graduation.



Parent’s Prep: New Technology In Schools; What Parents Need To Know

Technology offers new and exciting ways for your children to learn and for you to increase your involvement in your children’s education.


It's the first day of summer.  And it's so darn hot!  Best thing to do today is hit the pool. (Photo: Katherine Boyd/Q104)

How Much Does It Cost For A Baby Sitter?

Really! That’s the going rate! Good thing I don’t have kids, I couldn’t afford it.


Should Parents Have Access To Their Child’s Texting And Social Networking?

Today we are talking about how much access parents should have to their children’s texting and social networking outlets. Tell us what you think!


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Two Dead, Three Injured In School Shooting At Chardon High School

Two people have been killed and three others injured when a student gunman opened fire Monday morning at Chardon High School, about 30 miles from Cleveland. Reports of the cafeteria shooting came in at 7:38am […]


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Great Clips Tips: Lori’s 15 Minute Makeover

Local Mom Lori recently got a ’15 Minute Makeover’ at the Hudson Great Clips location, and we stopped in to check out her new look. Education Specialist and Stylist Nicki gave us some tips and […]


Question Of The Day Purple

Question Of The Day: Parents

Close to 20% of parents say they have regrets about this. What is it?


Parent Bullying Prevention Seminar

With so many high profile cases in the news lately about bullying, parents often wonder how it got so bad and what they can do about it.  The first step is to get educated and […]