Online Dating

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What’s Your First Date Question?

Be Honest, what do you have to know?



8 Dating Sites You Never Knew Existed… But Need To

These exist!? Check out the funniest dating websites EVER.



Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now

Six years together, no ring, and he’s still addicted to video games. What advice would you give this caller?


Google Launches eBookstore

Today Is Online Dating Thursday

Do you know what today is?


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Online Dating Lies

Online dating site looked at more than a million online dating profiles and determined what people lie about the most:


Molly and Dave

T-Harmony Update: It Works!

T- Harmony, obviously based loosely from “E-Harmony”, is my way to attempt to match two single people.  I usually do this once a year on Valentine’s Day.  Guess what?  One of last year’s couple that […]


Molly and Dave

T-Harmony: Linking Local Cleveland Singles

We’re now only 8 days away!  I would like to use my show to help local singles find someone for Valentines Day.  Do you see the picture above?  That’s Molly and Dave.  T-Harmony worked so […]



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