Online Dating

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Online Daters Meet For First Time, She Takes Bat To His Head

::deletes Tinder off phone::


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What’s Your First Date Question?

Be Honest, what do you have to know?



8 Dating Sites You Never Knew Existed… But Need To

These exist!? Check out the funniest dating websites EVER.



Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now

Six years together, no ring, and he’s still addicted to video games. What advice would you give this caller?


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Today Is Online Dating Thursday

Do you know what today is?


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Online Dating Lies

Online dating site looked at more than a million online dating profiles and determined what people lie about the most:


Molly and Dave

T-Harmony Update: It Works!

T- Harmony, obviously based loosely from “E-Harmony”, is my way to attempt to match two single people.  I usually do this once a year on Valentine’s Day.  Guess what?  One of last year’s couple that […]


Molly and Dave

T-Harmony: Linking Local Cleveland Singles

We’re now only 8 days away!  I would like to use my show to help local singles find someone for Valentines Day.  Do you see the picture above?  That’s Molly and Dave.  T-Harmony worked so […]