Justin Bieber

(Courtesy of Miami Police Department)

Fee’s Sleaze: Justin Bieber Is Still On The Road!

The Biebs is still awaiting trial!


(Courtesy of Miami Police Department)

Fee’s Sleaze: Justin Bieber A Hero!?

Believe it or not, he saved the day!


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Justin Bieber Involved in Minor Car Crash: Report

The minor crash reportedly happened when Bieber’s driver was speeding away from a paparazzo.


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Fee’s Sleaze: Justin Bieber Drops 3K On Dinner?!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber AKA “Jelena” had a super hot date this weekend!



Fee’s Sleaze: Selena Gomez Has A Serious Addiction!

Is she headed to rehab?!


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Fee’s Sleaze: Miley Cyrus And Selina Gomez ! Girl Fighting?!

Has Bieber stirred up another feud between female pop stars?!


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It’s Okay, The New York Times Doesn’t Know How to Spell ‘Bieber’ Either

The paper was quick to issue a correction, much to the bemusement of readers on Twitter.


Photo by Miami Beach Police Department via Getty Images

Justin Bieber Gets Baptized!

Biebs turns to the Lord!


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Bieber Turning To The Bible?!

Justin Bieber is getting a lot of beef for his recent racist jokes! Find out how he is coping!


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Fee’s Sleaze: Justin Bieber Pulls A Donald Sterling!

Justin Bieber caught on tape saying the “N word”!


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Justin Bieber Apologizes For Racist Joke: ‘I Didn’t Understand the Power of Certain Words’

“I was a kid then and I am a man now who knows my responsibility to the world and to not make that mistake again,” Bieber writes in a statement.


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Fee’s Sleaze: Bieber Back On The Rebound!

Justin Bieber went on a date last night! Find out who he was out on the town with!


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Justin Bieber Lands A Judging Role!

Justin Beiber keeps making headlines, but this time it’s not so bad!


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Justin Bieber & Michael Jackson Collaboration Coming, Promises L.A. Reid

“We’re going to revisit it and do something really special with Justin Bieber and Michael,” Reid said in a recent interview.


(Ben Watts for Island Records)

Justin Bieber Being Investigated For Attempted Robbery of a Cellphone

Bieber is now being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department for attempted robbery after a woman accused him of stealing her cellphone.


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Hear Michael Jackson’s New Song ‘Slave To The Rhythm’

Originally recorded with L.A. Reid and Babyface during the Dangerous sessions in 1991, this new version has been pumped up with a little help of MJ’s own unique brand of beatboxing.


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Justin Bieber Angers Toronto Mayor Rob Ford After Asking Him If He Has Any Drugs

Justin Bieber might have lost the support of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, after a bombed joke last month leaves Ford steaming.


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Justin Bieber Apologizes, Pleads Ignorance After Dishonorable Selfie In Japan

Justin Bieber finds himself in hot historical water again, this time after visiting a shrine in Japan.


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Joe Jonas On Justin Bieber: ‘I Think We All Saw It Coming’

Call Joe Jonas an amateur therapist; in addition to riffing on his own music, he has plenty of thoughts on Justin Bieber’s recent troubles.


Photo by Miami Beach Police Department via Getty Images

Audio: Bachelor Host Sounds Off On Juan Pablo! Lawyer Explains Go’n After Bieber!

Even Chris Harrison is sounding off on Bachelor Juan Pablo. Hear what he had to say.
The lawyer who questioned Bieber during his deposition explains his line of questioning.
It’s all in Fee’s Sleaze!


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Justin Bieber’s DUI Trial Delayed to May 5

A hearing today (March 11), determined a trial date in Bieber’s Miami Beach DUI charges. No plea offer has been made to the singer in the case.


(Ben Watts for Island Records)

Justin Bieber Surprises SXSW With Intimate Show Surrounded By Screams

The all but unknown Lady Gaga’s delivering a keynote address and the up-and-coming Justin Bieber has already done a surprise performance.


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Justin Bieber Takes A Break From Being Rude To Perform At SXSW

When Justin Bieber isn’t busy giving attitude to lawyers during a deposition, he likes to give a surprise  performance here and there. Bieber lead the music portion of SXSW Sunday with a performance to a […]


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Justin Bieber’s Wink at the End of His Deposition Could Tear This World Asunder

It is a performance so uncanny in its predicticablity of Bieber’s past behavior that there has to be some sort of subversive message going on, a subliminal text.


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Justin Bieber FAN Arrested… (Not Him This Time)

I bet Bieber has comfy beds.


(Photo courtesy Miami Beach Police Department)

Justin Bieber May Get Exposure Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Judge William Altfield of the Miami-Dade County Court has decreed that, collaterally speaking, Bieber’s privates can and will be used evidence in his recent Miami arrest.


Miami Beach Police Documentation of Justin Bieber's Tattoos

PHOTOS: Miami Police Releases Up Close Photos Of Justin Bieber’s Tattoos

Bible verses, his mom’s eye, a tiger – Justin Bieber’s got some odd ink all over his body. After his arrest, the Miami police took photos of each of them.


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Justin Bieber Protests in Atlanta Revealed as Hoax

No one seems to want Justin Bieber. Last month, more than a few angry Americans were looking to deport the Canadian pop star and now residents in Atlanta are also petitioning to keep the Biebz away from the neighborhood they call home.