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Fee’s Sleaze Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Singer Chris Brown is fighting again! What’s ailing Barber Walter’s? One of Hugh Hefner’s longtime girls dies. These stories and more in Fee’s Sleaze!


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So Which Part Of The U.S. Watches The Most Porn?

A porn study was canceled, because they couldn’t find any guys who don’t watch porn!


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Fee’s Sleaze Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A photographer chasing Justin Bieber’s car was killed!
Snooki wants to get married… NOW!
Hugh Hefner is a married man again!
These stories and more in Fee’s Sleaze!


Premiere Of Warner Bros. "Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past" - Arrivals

Age Is Just A Number To Some Celebrities

Over the weekend, Matthew McConaughey married long time girlfriend and mother of his children Camila Alves. Did you know that their are over 14 years difference in their ages??

How many other Hollywood stars are dating younger? Married younger? Let’s find out!



Fee’s Sleaze For June 4, 2012

We’re talking Octomo, Drew Barrymore’s wedding and Charlie Sheen’s ex. Find out in Fee’s Sleaze!


Holly Madison Opens Johnny Rockets Restaurant At The Flamingo Las Vegas

Marston Hefner Makes A Plea Deal In Assault Case

Kinda disappointed when I first heard of this story and here is why.  Even as weird of a lifestyle he leads (or some might say awesome) and as creepy as he is, Hugh Hefner seems […]


Bruno Mars Poses On The Cover Of Playboy

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and producer, Bruno Mars, has already proven with his debut album, Doo-wops and Hooligans, that he knows how to make women feel sexy because he loves you “Just The Way You Are.” Mars, […]


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Hugh Hefner Shoots Down Twitter Trend That He’s Dead!

Hugh is shooting down the rumors that he is dead! A twitter trend started yesterday that Hugh had died from a heart attack!


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Hugh Hefner Already Has A New Squeeze… Or Two

It didn’t take long for Crystal Harris to try and sell her incredibly expensive engagement ring. It took just as long for Hefner to pick a new lady or two from the seemingly endless line of women […]


Toohey & Fee’s Sleaze: Hugh Liked It…But Maybe Shouldn’t Have Put A Ring On It, Mrs. Brady Gets Crabby And Weiner’s Lunch Date!

Hugh’s mistake, Mrs. Brady’s story of a man with crabs and Weiner seen with his wife!


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Hugh Hefner’s Ex-Fiance Is Taking The Next Step

What is Hugh’s former lover, Crystal Harris, doing that will officially end the love bond?


Toohey & Fee Sleaze: Weiner Resigned And He Might Work For WHO?! How Hefner Is Taking Revenge, And Oprah’s Dream Interview

Who does Oprah want to get a confession from?  How is Hefner exacting his vengeance on Crystal Harris, who offered the now former Rep. Weiner a new job, and is Miley Cyrus back off the […]


Toohey & Fee Sleaze: Jennifer Anison Man Stealer, Boehner Tells Weiner To Evacuate Prematurely, And THE Playboy Dumped

  Did Jennifer Aniston steal Justin Theroux from 14 year girl friend Heidi Bivens??  Boehner tells Weiner to evacuate prematurely and Hugh Hefner was dumped by Playmate Crystal Harris!  Uh oh, who might Crystal be […]


Tweets Of The Week

In this week’s edition of Tweets of The Week we’re featuring a bunch of comments sent to us by Q104 listeners, because we love it when you guys interact with us online! We’ve also got […]