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Photo Credit: CBS Radio

Great Clips Tips: Back To School Looks For Boys & Girls

The kids are back in school and along with that new backpack and fall wardrobe, isn’t it time to freshen up their hair style? We called in the help of Great Clips expert Nicki to learn about some great back to school looks for boys and girls this season.


Photo Credit: Erin Fox/CBS Radio

Great Clips Tips: Getting Rid Of Chlorine Damage

During the Summer, chlorine damage is common in anyone who spends their sunny days at the pool. Great Clips styling technician Nicki shows us how to get rid of that green tint that’s such a common issue for blondes!


Dannielle's Makeover Look / (Photo Credit: Erin Fox / CBS Radio)

Great Clips Tips: Cleveland Mom Danielle’s 15 Minute Makeover

hard working, local Cleveland Mom Danielle stopped by the Hudson Great Clips location for a 15 Minute Makeover.


Great Clips Stylist Nikki / (Photo Credit: Erin Fox / CBS Radio)

Great Clips Tips: Lori’s 15 Minute Makeover

Local Mom Lori recently got a ’15 Minute Makeover’ at the Hudson Great Clips location, and we stopped in to check out her new look. Education Specialist and Stylist Nicki gave us some tips and […]