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Amanda Knox And Her Family Leave Italy After She Was Cleared Of The Murder Of Meredith Kercher

Audio: Flight Attendant Turns Pre-flight Into Stand-up Routine!

Listen to this Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant make hilarious flight instructions and turn the announcements into a stand-up comedy routine!

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Audio: Tax Returns Allow Some To Travel, But What Did Producer Woody Do?

April 15th is Tax Day! Some listeners told us they were using their return to travel, some aren’t even done with their taxes. Listen to what Producer Woody did?

Q104–7 hours ago

Festive Friday April 11, 2014!

Photo: Festive Friday, April 11, 2014!

Check out the photo gallery from Festive Friday with Bar 107 in Berea and our in-studio audience!


Credit: Funny Song Glenn

Funny Song Glenn Baby Announcement: Welcome Baby Carter Sonoma Anderson!

After a few false alarms and April Foolery, the newest Baby Anderson has decided he was ready to enter the world! Meet Funny Song Glenn’s baby Cater!


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Audio: School Bans Cell Phones In Classroom! Good Move Or Overreaction?

Hillsdale High School in Ashland put a stop to distracting cell phone use in the classroom. Is this a smart decision or does it put students at risk for safety concerns? Take a listen to what Fee’s Kompany listeners said!


Jason Beudert

Audio: Jason “The Food Guy” Top 5 Restaurant Pet Peeves!

Jason “The Food Guy” is the Contributing Food Writer for Scene Magazine & Food Critic for 19 Action News!


Allan Fee And Family In Hawaii 2014!

Photos: Allan Fee & His Family In Hawaii 2014!

Check out the photo gallery of Allan’s Hawaiian vacation with his wife and daughter.


Photo by: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon And Anne Hathaway Revolutionize Rap

Last night, Anne Hathaway lent her talents to covering rap artists Snoop Dog, 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar. You’ve got to love the cheesy Liza Manilli style of this bit! Stories You May Also Be […]


Miami Heat v Oklahoma City Thunder

Photo: Check Out LeBron Try’n The Pharrell Williams Look!

LeBron was seen in the locker room sporting the same hat as Pharrell Williams wore to the Grammy Awards. He was wearing the hat after a loss “presumably” to channel “Happy!”



Photo: Festive Friday Celebrates Tribe Home Opener & The Opening Of Captain America!

Check out the photo gallery of our Festive Friday audience with Slider and John Adams – Tribe Drummer!


Meet Toohey & Fee's Glenn The Funny Song Man's son Cooper Hartley Anderson

The Week That Was: Glenn’s Unborn Pulls April Fools! Jaci’s Off-Air Comments…Awkward!

Glenn and his wife got “April Fooled” by their unborn born baby boy! Jaci’s off-air comments weren’t so much…….off-air! Purse Or Porn? PLUS, Capt. America – Winter Soldier directors AND Cleveland natives, the Russo Bros, stopped by the Fee’s Kompany studio! All wrapped up into 2-mins we call “The Week That Was!” Check it out!


Jason Beudert

Audio: Jason “The Food Guy” Top 5 Opening Day “Must Hits!”

Jason “The Food Guy” is the Contributing Food Writer for Scene Magazine & Food Critic for 19 Action News.



Audio: Glenn’s Thank You’s To His Unborn Son!

Glenn thought he was headed to the hospital for the birth of his 3rd child, but their new boy did not arrive. Listen to his thank you’s for his unborn child!


Amanda Knox And Her Family Leave Italy After She Was Cleared Of The Murder Of Meredith Kercher

Video: The Lion King On A Plane!

Check out video of the Australian cast of “The Lion King” performing the musical on a plane.


Captain America Directors Anthony & Joe Russo Drop-bye Fee's Kompany!

Audio: We Talked With “Captain America” Directors The Russo Brothers!

Native Clevelanders Anthony & Joe Russo share what “Captain America” star Chris Evans thinks about Cleveland and what it’s like working with Scarlet Johansson, the real truth behind shutting the shoreway down and much more!


Nickelodeon's 27th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Show

“Skeletons In The Closet” For Paltrow & Martin! Plus, Is Lorde’s Relationship Creepy?

Why do Gwenyth Paltrow & Coldplay’s Chris Martin have to keep their separation out of the courts? Find out why many are considering singer Lorde’s relationship a bit on the creepy side. Plus, who did The Kid’s Choice Awards vote “Best Butt Kicker?” Find out in Fee’s Sleaze!


Captain America Filming & Movie Set

Photo: “Captain America” Directors Drop-by Fee’s Kompany!

Directors Anthony & Joe Russo are from Cleveland. They dropped by the studio to talk about the release of “Captain America – Winter Soldier” and filming here in their hometown!


Credit: CBS Radio

VIDEO: Cleveland “Selfie” Song Parody Music Video

You’ve heard Funny Song Glenn’s parody of “The Selfie Song” by the Chainsmokers – but have you seen our official music video?


Donna Summer /(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Week That Was: NASCAR Resurrects Donna Summer! Glenn’s New Song And More!

A full week of Fee’s Kompany all wrapped up into 2-mins we call “The Week That Was!” Take a listen here!


Celebrity Bartending At West Park Station!

Celebrity Bartending @ Westpark Station!



Provided Photo (Courtesy of PlayhouseSquare)

Playhouse Square Announces 2014-15 Broadway Series!

We have a list of all the show dates and short, show summaries.


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Judge Joe Brown Jailed, Scandal Star Brawls At His Own Party & More!

Judge Joe Brown was representing a client in court but ended up in jail himself. This story and more all in Fee’s Sleaze!



You Won’t Believe The Names Glenn Is Considering For His New Baby Boy!

Glenn and wife Stephanie are wine aficionados and want to keep a “wine theme” with the names of their children. Listen to some of the suggestions!



Does “Kimye” Deserve The Cover Of Vogue?

There’s a debate whether Kim Kardashian and Kanye West deserve to be on the cover of Vogue magazine. Take a look at the photo here!


September 11th Memorial Held At Ground Zero On 9th Anniversary Of Attacks

“Garrettsville Strong!” T’s Help Bring The Community Back!

13 businesses were destroyed by a fire over the weekend. A local resident comes up with a great idea for a T-shirt to help raise funds for the city’s recovery!


Festive Friday, March 21, 2014!

Festive Friday, March 21, 2014!

Check out the photo gallery of our studio audience from Festive Friday with Flour Restaurant!



Audio: 5th Grade Teacher Brings Beer To Class As Lesson Plan!

The teacher is under fire, but says it was a good teaching lesson. What do you think? Take a listen?


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A Singers Tour Bus Up In Flames! Check Out Snooki’s Acting Debut!

The singer and her crew were on board when the bus caught fire! You can hear Snooki’s acting debut as she made a guest appearance on “Supernatural!” It’s all in Fee’s Sleaze!


Allan Fee/CBS Radio

Fee’s Kompany Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Guide!

All the parade, bar and event info you need to know for the 147th St. Patrick’s Day Parade!


St. Peter's Raise Your Paddle Fundraiser!

Photo: St. Peter’s Raise Your Paddle Fundraiser!

Check out our photo gallery of Allan Fee hosting a fundraising auction for St. Peter’s School!