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Fee’s Sleaze Thursday, January 10, 2013

OMG! You have to see Taylor Swift’s dress at the People’s Choice Awards!
Lindsay Lohan is accused of stealing!
Donald Trump is suing Bill Mahr for millions!
These stories and more in Fee’s Sleaze!



Fee’s Sleaze For June 18th, 2012

Jessica Simpson still has baby weight, and Octomom may get sued! Find out the details in Fee’s Sleaze!



Fee’s Sleaze For June 6, 2012

Scout Willis arrested, Sheryl Crow makes a shocking statement & Octmom cancels striptease! Find out more in Fee’s Sleaze.


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Fee’s Sleaze For April 24, 2012

Jennifer Hudson broke-down during the murder trial for her mother and brother, and nephew, Demi Lovato opens up about her early drug use and partying, and Tyra Banks cleaning house at America’s Next Top Model.


Elizabeth Taylor's Jewelery Collection Auctioned At Christie's In New York

Liz Taylor Played By Who!?

You will never believe who is in talks to play Liz Taylor in a Lifetime movie!  Her initials are “L.L.”  Any idea?


Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s Top 10 Moments In Cinema

This morning, silver-screen goddess, infinitely talented actress, and perpetual icon of glamor, Elizabeth Taylor, died at the age of seventy-nine from complications caused by her ongoing battle with congestive heart failure. Just like in her […]