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Online Daters Meet For First Time, She Takes Bat To His Head

::deletes Tinder off phone::


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Audio: A Real Life Bachelorette’s Dilemma !

Getting the “final rose” goes from TV reality to real life for one of our listeners!


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Tinder Rolls Out Tinder Plus…And It’ll Cost you $19.99

If you’re under 30 Tinder Plus will cost you $9.99, if your over, $19.99.



Audio: A New Dating App For “The Kink Curious!”

It’s called Whplr!! Yes, it’s exactly what your thinking!



Sorry Bieber; Selena Gomez Has A New Man

Move over Justin, Selena’s got a new man!


2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Show

Taylor Swift Caught Making Out With Karlie Kloss

“And you can want who you want/Boys and boys and girls and girls.”


Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s Boyfriend Welcomes 2nd Child With Ex-Girlfriend

Well, that’s awkward.


Taylor Swift Plays Sydney

PHOTOS: From Cowboy Boots To Crop Tops, The Evolution Of Taylor Swift

Take a look at the history of Taylor Swift’s career from wide eyed amazement at winning her first awards to owning the stage after releasing ‘1989’.


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How Men And Women React To Finding Out Their Tinder Date Is Fat

I have come to the conclusion most men are douchebags. See for yourself.


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Audio: Here Are The Signs Which Say “She Wants You!”

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you gotta check out these signs to find out if you’re on track for some love’n!


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Taylor Swift Dating A Woman?

Hey, anything’s possible.


2014 Young Hollywood Awards Brought To You By Samsung Galaxy - Show

PHOTOS: Best Moments From The Young Hollywood Awards 2014

Our favorite photos from the Young Hollywood Awards show and behind the scenes with the brightest young stars in Hollywood!


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Audio: Should You Date A Co-Workers Ex?

A listener called and shared her awkward scenario at work when she found out she was dating a co-workers ex boyfriend. Listen to the discussion about the pro’s and con’s!


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5 Great Ideas for the Perfect Summertime Date

Whether you’re dating a new prospective love interest or have been in a relationship for some time, summer is the perfect time to bring a little romance into your life.


29th Annual American Music Awards

PHOTOS: The Evolution Of Justin Timberlake

From curly headed member of *NSYNC with a questionable 90s fashion sense to the sleek solo suit & tie pop superstar – here’s the fashion evolution of Justin Timberlake.


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Aaron Carter Confesses On Twitter That He Wants Hilary Duff Back

If you thought in 2003 that Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter were never, ever getting back together then get ready for your mind to be blown – Aaron Carter admitted he wants her back.


Bengal Tiger

Are You A Cougar? Puma? Or Lynx? Find Out Now!

This quick reference guide helps distinguish between the different classifications of women as felines. Check it out!


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Miley Cyrus Tweets What She Wants In A Boyfriend – It’s Hilarious

What does Miley Cyrus want in a boyfriend? It has to do with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, the 2001 AMAs, and a particularly hilarious outfit decision. Any guesses? You’ll see.


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Anthony The Holiday Hunk!

Want a date with Anthony? Find out how right below his bio!



Question Of The Day- August 22, 2013

13% of men say that if this happens on a first date, there will be no second date.



Bob The Bachelor Bio!

Want a date with Bob the Bachelor? Find out how right below his bio!



8 Dating Sites You Never Knew Existed… But Need To

These exist!? Check out the funniest dating websites EVER.



Question Of The Day: July 23, 2013

73% of women say it’s unforgettable when a guy does this on a first date. What is it?

216 – 578 – 0104 to win a pair of tickets to see Cleveland Orchestra Presents: Broadway’s Leading Men at Blossom on Sunday, July 28th, 2013!


Start Cleaning Your Teeth

17 Ways To Ditch The Creeper At The Bar

Sick of getting bothered at the bar? Check out my sure fire ways to get rid of the creeper. You are welcome.


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Relationship Advice From Plain White T’s, Far East Movement, Parachute & Drop City Yacht Club: Watch

“Flings are cool, you just have to communicate,” Drop City Yacht Club’s THX advised. “Just be honest.”



Question Of The Day- May 30, 2013

This has been named the best thing you can do together on a first date.



Relationship Tips From Kelly

When somebody tells you “let’s just be friends” what does it really mean?


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7 Text Messages The Man In Your Life Is Terrified To Receive!

7 Text Messages That The Man In Your Life Is Terrified To Receive! In the digital world, many of our relationships grow, get intimate and end – all via text. According to – here […]



Should A Woman Make The First Move?

The dating world is changing, see why.