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Cleveland Ranks 62/100, And It’s A “Problem”

But we’re still doing better than most of NEO.


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I Have A New House… Now What?

I’ve never had one before.


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Cleveland Browns Fire Pat Shurmur And GM Tom Heckert

In a move that has been expected for a couple of weeks, the Cleveland Browns fire head coach Pat Shurmur and GM Tom Heckert.



Cleveland, Ohio Is One Of America’s Dirtiest Cities

I hate when has these lists. It seems that Cleveland, and this time Akron, make all of the bad lists. Apparently, we are DIRTY!


Bewitching Attractions Draw Visitors To Salem

Northeast Ohio Reschedules Trick Or Treat

Sandy can’t hold us down for long. Trick or treat must go on! Check out the entire UPDATED list of Trick or Treating in Cleveland, and the surrounding areas.



Cleveland’s Closings, Delays And More Due To The Frankenstorm

Do you have an event planned for today? Tonight? Tomorrow? Check out this list to see if your school, or event, is still a go!



Cleveland RTA Bus Driver Uppercuts A Passenger

A driver argues with a female passenger, and after a period of time, he uppercuts her on the bus. It’s all caught on video…



Cleveland Is A Top Town For College Sudents

It seems that Cleveland, OH is in the Top 10 of numerous negative lists. I hate that. Today, we are in the Top 15 of a positive list!


Avengers (4)

Another Movie To Be Filmed In Cleveland

Remember when “The Avengers” were in town last year? Well “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” will be shooting part of the movie right here in Cleveland next year!



The Browns Beard Is Back

The Cleveland Browns don’t seem to be able to get a win. I”m here to help. Well, not on the field, but I’ve begun to grow my “Browns Beard.”



If You Travel Downtown, Try To Avoid This Intersection

As the Innerbelt Project continues, another change is happening later tonight at a major downtown intersection.


2012 NFL Draft - First Round

Happy Birthday To Cleveland Browns Running Back Trent Richardson

The 3rd overall pick of the Cleveland Browns celebrated his 21st birthday last night. Guess which celeb he was hanging with last night?!


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Cleveland, How Hot Is It?

I am going to admit this to you right now, this blog post might be the worst I’ve ever written. Today’s high temperature will be in the 90’s, and Listener Jodi sent me a few “How Hot Is It?” jokes. Here we go…


Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians

Chris Perez Is Not Done Criticizing Cleveland Fans

Indians Closer, Chris Perez, opens his mouth yet again. This time he criticizes the fans for rooting against LeBron, and rooting for the Browns. Is he trying to get run out of town?! Maybe not…


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Free Ice Cream In Downtown Cleveland

Free Moose Tracks ice cream is being given away at Public Square right now! Do you really need more info?!


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Tim Richards’ First Visit To The Horseshoe Casino

Now that the Horseshoe Casino has been open for a few weeks, maybe you’ve had the time to visit! It’s been a couple of week since I first stepped into the Horseshoe Casino, but I did win some money…


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Cleveland Magazine’s Annual “Rating The Suburbs” Issue

The “Best of the Burbs”, and the “Worst of the Burbs”, are revealed each year in Cleveland Magazine. Ready to see where your suburb ranks?!


Photos: Inside The Brand New Cleveland Horseshoe Casino! just revealed some photos from inside of the New Cleveland Horseshoe Casino!


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Finally! We Have An Opening Date For The Cleveland Casino

The Ohio Casino Control Commission has revealed the May date that the Cleveland casino will be open to the public!


Molly and Dave

T-Harmony: Linking Local Cleveland Singles

We’re now only 8 days away!  I would like to use my show to help local singles find someone for Valentines Day.  Do you see the picture above?  That’s Molly and Dave.  T-Harmony worked so […]


Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers Home Opener Has Been Announced

Your Cleveland Cavaliers open their season at home on December 26th against the Toronto Raptors.  My question to you…Do you care?


Tide Loads Of Hope Free Laundry Services in Disaster Affected Mississippi

Nobody Likes Chores

We didn’t like doing chores when our parents asked us to do them as children.  Guess What? As adults, we STILL don’t like doing chores!  In a new survey, we find out which chores parents […]


Miami Dolphins v Cleveland Browns

Browns Blog

People have been talking about the Browns win over the Dolphins all day today in the Q104-tress.  I hear everything from ” They are great” to “They still stink“.  So, what do you think?


Oakland Athletics v Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Is In The Top 3…But This Isn’t Good.

As I was surfing around, I saw this article.  Cleveland, OH is now the third poorest city in the nation!  One other city in Ohio made the top ten, and you will be shocked at […]


Premiere Of Fox's "The X Factor" - Arrivals

Did You Watch X Factor?!

X Factor has been hyped for months, but did you enjoy what you watched last night?  Did you watch it?  Maybe you couldn’t care less about the show?


Today’s Missed Connection

A young man wanted to pick up more than his child from the Kiddie Co. in Lyndhurst!  He is married and has his eye on a married woman.  Wow…


Today’s Missed Connection

Have you been to Southpark Mall recently?  Maybe someone you know was there doing some shopping?  If so…


Today’s Missed Connection

It seem as if a member of the Fox 8 News team was spotted out and about in Today’s Missed Connection.  I’m not sure if it is someone on the air, but she has a […]


Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians

Three Northeast Ohio Towns Named America’s Best Small Towns!

Our second place Cleveland Indians give us reason to cheer, but so do three of our “Small Towns”.  Three of America’s BEST small towns, according to CNN Money’s list, are in Northeast Ohio. 


Looking For Something To Do Today?

We’ve got you covered.  Check out all of the great things going on in the Cleveland area on this great Memorial day!