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Average Joe is the Midday Host on Q104, weekdays from 10am-3pm. He began radio in Milwaukee in 1995, while studying at the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha. Before Q104, he was the Afternoon-drive host, Imaging Director, and Assistant Program Director at 101.1 WIXX in Green Bay, WI for almost 10 years.

Joe is very happy to be in such a wonderful city like Cleveland, and is now a Browns, Indians and Cavs fan. Joe has interviewed major celebrities and musicians like Tommy Lee, Matt Damon, Train, Katy Perry, Chris Daughtry, Phillip Phillips, Matchbox 20 and countless others. He has hosted large, nationally televised events, such as the NFL Kickoff Concert in front of 100,000 people, and broadcasted live internationally from places like Mexico and Jamaica. These event have gotten Joe nominated for Broadcaster of the Year, and awards in other Broadcaster Association categories.

Joe loves to get involved with the community, has emceed and been a part of local development and fundraising for The American Red Cross, Habitat For Humanity, March of Dimes, Special Olympics and numerous animal shelters and humane societies.

Joe is a big runner, having recently completed his first full marathon. He is very active, and loves to go biking, swimming, cook outside and do crazy things like repelling down a 200 foot walls. He and his wife Kristin, along with their two boys, Caleb and Truman, are happy to call Cleveland home.

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