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Average Joe

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Meet Bo!

Take me home for Easter!!

18 hours ago

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Lindsay Lohan Confirms Sex List Is Real

See who’s on the list…

21 hours ago

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Best Bar Names In Cleveland! HAHAHA!

This is a great list!


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Teen Taking Train Selfie Gets Kicked in Head! VIRAL VIDEO…

This looks like it really HURT!


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Jenny McCarthy Engaged To Donnie Wahlberg! See How He Did It…

Jenny revealed how he did it…


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Taylor Swift’s Man Requirements

This might explain a lot…


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Tax Day Freebies In Cleveland (April 15th!)

Tomorrow should be fun?


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Come See Me!

I’m good to go!!


Actor Nick Nolte Arrested For DUI

App Of The Week: Cool Or Creepy?

As creepy as a Nick Nolte mug shot!


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School Stabbing Victim Hospital Selfie OFFENSIVE??

Would you post this?


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PIC! Julia Louis-Dreyfus Nude (Just One Problem…)

I found the boo boo!!


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New Additions For Summer??

I want both!


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CLICK TO SEE! Katy Perry Dyes Her Hair SLIME Green For Spring…

O.K. she’s still pretty good looking…


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THANK YOU! Best Baby Gift We’ve Gotten So Far? (Not The Crib)

LOVE the crib…but this? Oh yes…


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VIDEO: Demi Lovato Backstage On The Neon Lights Tour With Average Joe At Quicken Loans Arena

Average Joe snuck backstage at Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights Tour while she was in Cleveland at Quicken Loans Arena on March 27.



After Giving Birth, You Can’t Leave The Hospital Until You Do THIS??

My wife is just past six months pregnant, and we are both getting very excited.  At this point, we are reading a lot of things and getting a LOT of advice about birth, baby toys, [...]


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WARNING: Not For The Queasy!

Are you part of the problem?


Jessica Simpson: she was pregnant forever, wasn't she? Stuff a basketball up your dress and let the legend live on. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Look Who’s Pregnant!



Actor Nick Nolte Arrested For DUI

PIC! Jeep Jumps Off Road And Lands IN Cleveland Home!

You’re watching T.V> in the living room…then…BAM!