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Aly is a 2010 graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College (now University) where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting & Mass Communications and played softball for the B-W Yellow Jackets. Prior to working at Q104, she worked in production and was an On-Air talent at the 6-station radio cluster Pamal Broadcasting in Albany, NY.

While working on her Broadcasting degree at Baldwin-Wallace, Aly did freelance work with Sports Time Ohio working as a camera operator, graphics controller, and audio engineer. She also spent a summer interning with ESPN 850 WKNR, the ESPN Radio affiliate in Cleveland, OH. The following summer, Aly lived in New York City and interned in programming with the NBC show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Aly’s favorite trip she has been on was spending a month in the South Pacific exploring the North Island of New Zealand and the East Coast of Australia hanging out with the indigenous Kiwi birds and Kangaroos. In the states, she loves to take part in any and all snow sports, water sports, and has recently taken up an interest in hunting.

Aly lives in the Slavic Village of Cleveland, OH with her partner and two cats. When she’s not running miles or lifting weights at the gym, (or walking her cats) she loves to take in the Cleveland dining scene and try new wines. On the 4th of July, you can find her attending the best fireworks display in Cleveland – at the Indians’ stadium.

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Trailer For Jeffrey Dahmer Movie Filmed In Northeast Ohio Has Been Released

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Bush’s Baked Beans Recalled

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Poses & Paws – Market Square at Crocker Park

Aly & the Q104 gang spent Saturday morning wit the Cleveland APL, fellow yoga lovers and some of the cutest kitties in town. Meow-maste!


The Next iPhone Might Have A Laser On It

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The Rock For President?

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Cedar Point Is Offering BOGO Admission Right Now

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