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Paul graduated from The University of Akron with a degree in broadcasting in 2012.  During his time there, he interned with a local radio station as their producer until he returned to school, receiving his Master’s degree in Communication Theory and Analytics in 2015. He also worked for the Akron Rubber Ducks as a production assistant, running cameras during the game.

After a season, Paul then moved to RubberCity Radio in Akron where he was a weekend talent on two of the stations in the cluster.  He now is the producer for The Jeremiah and Jeff show.

Paul has plenty of hobbies, almost all of them outdoors.  Baseball is his main past time, and has been playing regularly on leagues since he was a young kid.  When the weather isn’t good enough to play baseball, Paul can be found playing video games with friends, or sometimes even bowling.

LeBron Visits Hometown To Give Thanks

LeBron will forever be grateful for NE Ohio.

Q104–2 hours ago

Shake Shack Coming to Cleveland!

Even more great food coming to Cleveland!

Q104–2 hours ago

Couple Dives Into Marriage

Would you ever get married in your bathing suit?

Q104–2 hours ago

Tiger Woods Is Off To Rehab

Tiger has released one statement since the arrest, simply thanking everyone for the outpouring of support during this time.


Checking A Bag? Just Bring Your Face

Delta is debuting new tech that will simply match your face to your passport photo, and it should take only 30 seconds if everything goes well.


Ken Doll Sporting New Hairstyle

There are several other options you can also get with Ken, like cornrows and freckles! There really is a Ken doll for anyone.


You Can Now Tip In The Uber App

Tipping with Uber has been an interesting topic with the company for some time now, but it seems as if the are finally closing the door on it.


Bachelor In Paradise Returns To Filming

Almost as quickly as filming stopped, the crew is back to finish the series.


Gotta Know – Cleveland Young Professionals Week

Here is all you gotta know about Cleveland Young Professionals Week!


Q104’s Favorite Viral Videos For The Week Of June 19th

It’s hot outside, so stay inside and catch up with Jeff’s most viral videos of the week


UPS To Raise Delivery Charges This Holiday Season

The fees will peak the week before the big holiday.


The Drake & Josh Brotherhood May Be Over

Josh Peck married Paige O’Brien over the weekend, which should’ve been a very happy and exciting time, except Drake Bell was missing


Everything Coming To NBC This Fall

NBC has released their fall line up, and it’s looking top-notch


Lucky Newborn Airline Passenger Gets Airfare For Life

Imagine having free airfare for life. Imagine if you had it literally from birth.


Michael Phelps Is Seriously Going To Race A Shark

The event will be part of Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week, which kicks off July 23rd, and this will likely be the highlight of the whole thing.


Beyoncé’s Twins Are Here!

So now, Blue Ivy has a brand new brother AND sister.


Amazon Is Changing The Grocery Business

As of now, it’s unclear how Amazon will handle the business, and if they have any plans to bring their innovations in other fields – such as drone delivery – to the market.


Woman In Scotland Accidentally Wins $320,000

Getting change for parking suddenly turned out to be one of her best decisions ever.


Stuck On An Airplane – The Jeremiah & Jeff Show’s Weekend In Q10-4 Pics

What else do you do when stuck for hours on an airplane?


Viral Video: The Weirdest Use Of A Green Screen You’ll Ever See

Guess that’s one way to spend your time.


LeBron’s Response To Draymond Green’s ‘Quickie’ Shirt Was Amazing

LeBron has officially responded to the shirt with an Instagram post that now has acclimated over a 1 million likes.


Congressional Baseball Game Is A Home Run For All

The game became a tribute to House Majority Whip Steve Scalise who was shot by a gunmen during a congressional baseball practice.


Cleveland Police Fights Summer Heat With Ice Cream!

Commander Johnny Johnson of the Cleveland Police Department believes this program will ‘break down barriers’.


Liam Neeson

Paul’s Wall Viral Video: A Liam Neeson Vine

We all miss vine.


Kyrie Remodels Dad’s Home For Father’s Day

“He ultimately gave up his dream to play basketball professionally [to support his family]. He really was super dad.”


LeBron James Returns To Social Media

The video, posted on Instagram, is simply LeBron singing happy birthday to his son, without any mention of the Finals loss.


Rittman Youth Baseball Surprises Their #1 Fan

Her journey might be tough, but she has plenty of support!


Even More Restaurants Opening In Cleveland This Summer

Cleveland – the land of food!


Students Raise Money For Teacher With Cancer For Bucket List

She never planned to battle her diagnosis the typical way.


Taco Bell Cantina Opens Wednesday In Public Square

Another reason to spend your day down at Public Square!



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