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Your First Look At The 2017-2018 Cavs Jerseys!It appears the new Cavs jerseys have leaked online. Here's your first look!
Josh Avsec Finally Meets His Match!Two weeks ago, we had Josh on the show (check it out here) to talk about his crazy Tinder journey. He and Michelle Arendas matched on tinder 3 years ago and kept up the ruse of excuses after they would respond to each other months after the last response.
The Heart Will Go On (A Date With Jack And Rose)!You'll Never Want To Let Go. Titanic stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are auctioning themselves off for charity. The winner will get to go to a private dinner date with Jack and Rose -- I Mean Leo and Kate. The dinner date will take place sometime in October or November when both the Oscar winners have time in their busy schedules. If you win... you will also go to the New York City restaurant of your choice! 
Jellyfish In Lake Erie?!A curious Facebook post has alerted Northeast Ohioans to Jelly Fish potentially being in Lake Erie. 
Microsoft Paint Is Not Dead YetMicrosoft said that it would "deprecate" the app and  remove it from future versions of Windows.
Derrick Rose Reportedly Signs With The CavsJust days after news broke in Cleveland that Kyrie Irving requested a trade, the Cavaliers made some moves alone.
Oh - Dough! Truck Of Dough ExplodesA dump truck carrying a load of dough began spilling over on Monday afternoon in Tacoma, Washington.
MillerCoors Canning Water For Red CrossThe MillerCoors Brewery in Trenton, New Jersey is partnering with the American Red Cross to provide fresh drinking water to disaster zones.
Michael Phelps Races A Shark?Michael Phelps kicked off Shark Week last night with a race against a shark in Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White.
The Jeremiah and Jeff Show - Weekend In PicsCheck out what Jeff and Paul were up to this weekend!
Cleveland Feed: Lobster, Cheese, and Old BrooklynChannel 19's Jen Picciano joins Q104 to talk lobster, cheese, and Old Brooklyn on the #ClevelandFeed.
Coffee Recalled After This Odd Ingredient Was FoundGuaranteed you've never seen a recall quite like this one.

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