Viral Video: The Weirdest Use Of A Green Screen You'll Ever SeeGuess that's one way to spend your time.
Paul's Wall Viral Video: A Liam Neeson VineWe all miss vine.
Viral Video: Girl Has Trouble With Simple MathIt's not that hard, people.
WATCH: Cat Has The Deepest 'Meow' In The WorldAll cats are adorable, that's just a fact - even the ones with some strange habits or attributes.
Watch The Worst Music Video Ever CreatedSome things really just need to stay in the 90s.
The Very Best Of ElectroboomYou'd think he'd learn to be a little more careful.
Guy Sings Michael Jackson's 'Bad' In 20 SecondsHe is still in the Guinness book of world records for the fastest talking, as he should be
The Future Of Alexa Might Be This FishThe future is now.
Check Out The World's Fastest ClapperHe must be a riot at concerts.
Bowler Rolls 300 Game In 86.9 SecondsIt almost looks like a carnival game.
Viral Video: A Dog Plays Tiny Hockey GoalieHonestly, it looks like this dog plays hockey better than most people!
He Needs Some MilkRemember, no matter what, you always needs some milk.

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