What A Great Traffic JamTraffic jams wouldn't be so bad if they were always this entertaining.
The World's Most Dangerous SlideSlides are fun, but they are for kids, and not in the rain.
The Microwavable Meal That Sings Or ScreamsIf this is singing, then we have been doing it all wrong.
Never Email This Guy Any SpamInstead of raging and spending hours deleting, maybe it would be better, and funnier, if we tried to spam them back, like this master did.
People Really Get Creative With Windshield WipersWho knew you could be so creative with windshield wipers?
Barbie's Dream Is Crushed By A Hydraulic PressThe dream is over.
The Most Satisfying Video On The WebDo you love that feeling of when a box fits in your car just right? Who doesn't.
The Chuck E. Cheese Challenge Is Taking OverTime for some nightmare fuel.
Pretty Much How All Roommates Come HomePretty much how it feels every time the roommate comes home late at night
Pop Can Sounds Oddly Like ChewbaccaPop cans sliding on tables apparently sound like Chewbacca, which is something we all needed to know
Robots Are The Future ... Except These OnesAfter watching these robot demos, it proves that we have really nothing to worry about
I'm FLYING Jack! New Trend Appearing With HoverboardsIf you have a hoverboard, you might just be able to capitalize on the brand new trend

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