Check Out The World's Fastest ClapperHe must be a riot at concerts.
Bowler Rolls 300 Game In 86.9 SecondsIt almost looks like a carnival game.
Viral Video: A Dog Plays Tiny Hockey GoalieHonestly, it looks like this dog plays hockey better than most people!
He Needs Some MilkRemember, no matter what, you always needs some milk.
Lil Yachty Sounds Just Like A Pressure WasherThere is a reason why you should be careful what you say online or on TV.
Thomas The Tank Isn't Messing AroundThis is why we should not terrify ourselves with things like this.
Babies Crying In Slow Motion Is Actually TerrifyingWhether it's on an airplane, restaurant, or in this case an aquarium - children's crying can annoy almost anyone.
What A Great Traffic JamTraffic jams wouldn't be so bad if they were always this entertaining.
The World's Most Dangerous SlideSlides are fun, but they are for kids, and not in the rain.
The Microwavable Meal That Sings Or ScreamsIf this is singing, then we have been doing it all wrong.
Never Email This Guy Any SpamInstead of raging and spending hours deleting, maybe it would be better, and funnier, if we tried to spam them back, like this master did.
People Really Get Creative With Windshield WipersWho knew you could be so creative with windshield wipers?

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