Brad and Angelina Have “Pressed Pause” On Their Divorce

Are there some celebrity couple splits that YOU never get over? Did the announcement of Anna Farris’ and Chris Pratt’s breakup make you believe that true love doesn’t exist? Did the separation of Ben and Jen send you into your own heartbreak? Should we not even get into the details of Brad and Angelina? If you’re anything like me, and mimic your life after celebrities you will never know, this news might give you some hope that love is alive and well.

As of now, Brad and Angelina’s divorce is not moving forward.

Wait, WHAT!? It seems like two years and twelve (yeah, twelve) kids together may create a bond that is pretty tough to be broken. An insider told ENews! “It’s true that the divorce is not moving forward right now. They are taking a breather and seeing what happens,” and that “A lot has changed.”

So what has changed exactly? Well a big change, a shift in Brad’s sobriety, which is what was rumored to cause the divorce in the first place. Another insider said, “Brad has been working on self-improvement.”

Love may not be lost after all.

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