The ‘Hottest Toy In The U.S.’ Is Now Being Banned By Schools

Have you heard of a Fidget Spinner?  Right now, every single spot on Amazon’s top 20 best-selling toys and games list is currently occupied by a fidget spinner or its close cousin, the fidget cube.

In fact, almost all of the next 20 hottest spots are fidget-related.

*cue collective eyeroll from teachers*

According to Business Insider, these small gadgets made with metal and ball bearings that you twirl between your fingers have become an omnipresent part of adolescent life across the U.S.

Costing as little as a couple of dollars, the toys were originally intended to help ease symptoms of ADHD and anxiety.

But, teachers have decided they’re more disruptive than they’re worth, despite their original intention as a productivity tool.  Basically, they’re a big ol’ distraction in the classroom.

For example: this video below.  A professional fidgeter?!

Like, it’s so bad at some schools, there are teachers describing their reaction to seeing them has “having a visceral reaction when they emerge from a pencil case or pocket, like a sadistic version of Pavlov’s bell experiment.”

Schools are starting to wipe them out but are leaving some on-hand for students with sensory issues.

Ya know, the entire reason they exist in the first place.

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