Ohio Man Turns In $14,000 He Found On Road

We always think about it, what we would actually do if we happened to find a briefcase full of money randomly. Some say they’d keep it, most say they’d return it (really?)  You never really know though until it happens to you.

That very thing happened to Jake Bowers in the Columbus suburb of Worthington. Just like the movies, Bowers and his son found what he thought was a laptop case on the side of the road – but when they checked it out, it was all cash.

10 TV in Columbus has the full story here. He found a bunch of one hundred dollar bills and subsequently turned it in to the Worthington police station.

Wanting to set a good example, and admitting that he would feel bad if he kept it, he returned it to his local police where it was given back to the rightful owner.

No word on if he got any cut of the prize.

Find out more about the whole thing here.

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