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VIDEO: Cleveland “Selfie” Song Parody Music Video

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But first, let me take a selfie!

We have a feeling Funny Song Glenn’s parody of “The Selfie Song” by the Chainsmokers has been stuck in your head for a few days now. You probably hum it to yourself while you take your own selfies and search for that perfect Instagram filter.

The Q104 staff has taken a lot of selfies. No, really – a lot of selfies – over the past few months. So we decided to share our official music video for Glenn’s Cleveland “Selfie” song, featuring Allan Fee, Producer Woody, Funny Song Glenn, Kelly McMann, Average Joe, Aly Tanner and a few other friends you might recognize! Watch the video above

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So Like, Johnny asked me out on a date last night

And I was like, Oh my god, it’s 1 am, and we’re at Liquid, and I would never go out with you..ew

And then he got these cute puppy dog eyes, or maybe he drank too much, and he was just so vulnerable and I couldn’t resist, so I said sure

And now he keeps texting me and saying “hey, let’s go out”…Hashtag pretty please..hashtag East 4th..Hashtag I
got a Mustang..Hashtag You’re pathetic

Umm..So we go out, and I have no idea what I’m gonna wear. Should I go to Banyan Tree and get this totally cool short skirt thingy?..or do I go all conservative and go to Ann Taylor at the mall and look all mom-like so he doesn’t get the wrong idea?

JK..My mom is cool, but she’s so, like out of touch..She still listens to Pitbull

I have a Galaxy 4s..The S stands for..Superstar…Wanna go to Wine Bar in Rocky River? But first..

Let me take a selfie

It’s so hard to look tan in Cleveland with this cruddy weather..i can never use a normal filter, or even Walden? No way, I’ll look like a ghost

And speaking of ghosts..What’s with Dick Goddard? My friend Renee says he’s 131 years old, but I don’t believe that because she doesn’t even have her GED, although she is taking night classes at The University of Phoenix..Which is weird, this isn’t Arkansas.

Back to me, and Johnny, should we go to West 6th? Is he gonna wear Affliction and smell like Jay Z? (sing) H to the Izzo

Should we just go to Lakewood and go low key Merry Arts, or how about Steelyard and hang out at..umm, yeah that was a joke..Hashtag CLE Funny

Sarah wants to Duck face,, and I’m like really? Is it even funny anymore? She’s so old, she’s like 30 or something..She should go to the Holiday Inn on Rockside..But first

Let me take a selfie

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