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Ew! GQ’s Pregnant Photo Shoot Is Gross

A pregnant woman is beautiful.

And a pregnant woman in the buff, when tastefully done, can be breathtaking.

But the recent photo spread in GQ featuring Broncos’ Eric Decker and pregnant wife Jessie James is just plain odd.

I mean, maybe if this was in Vanity Fair it would kinda work. But in GQ? A magazine for guys? Ew!

Don’t get me wrong. Eric Decker is a fine specimen of a man with all those buldging biceps and handsome manliness. And singer Jessie James hair and make-up is beautiful.

But the way they have the pair posing… with Jessie in her undies… with Eric between her legs… WTF?

Check out the whacky photos here. 

So, what do you think?

Tweet me @KatBoyd216 and let me know.



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