“What Rhymes With ‘Hug Me’?”

It’s the #1 song in the Billboard’s Pop AND R&B genres.  Robin Thicke hasn’t reached this summit in his career… ever.

I’m positive there isn’t a living, breathing, American human being who hasn’t heard the smash single, “Blurred Lines.”

I’m also sure that when Thicke utters the line, “What rhymes with hug me?!”, there are a few of us that don’t giggle a little.

To answer your question, Robin Thicke, according to Buzzfeed.com, there are 18 words that rhyme with “hug me.”

Sorry, Bro, not trying to kill your coy game.  See the list HERE.

ALSO… wanna keep hearing Robin Thicke on the Top 8 @ 8?  Vote for your favorite Q104 song HERE.

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