Cleveland Blizzard 2012: Time Lapse Photos

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Snow 11:30am

Snow 11:30am

We’ve recently moved to the Halle building located in downtown Cleveland.  I decided to go outside, on the Euclid side of the building, and take a picture in the same spot every hour from beginning to end during yesterday’s storm.  Kinda cool.

I’ve always thought the time lapse weather videos were a cool idea.  Now I couldn’t set up a camera, but I did take a pic every hour during my work day yesterday.  You can see the fast accumulation in a short amount of time.

The weather really started getting nasty during the 12:30pm-1:30pm time frame.

It’s only a series of 6 photos, so it won’t take you much time to go through the photos.

Check it out here!


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