What The Heck Is An Infinity Scarf?

chef sawyer What The Heck Is An Infinity Scarf?

Katherine Boyd and Chef Jonathon Sawyer, who is wearing an infinity scarf.

Infinity scarves are THE accessory of the year.  They started popping-up on the stylish last winter, and the trend hit the mainstream this year.

Allan wore a scarf to Q104 today, but it was the kind of scarf you find on a snowman. Not cool. So intern Elaina and I gave him a fashion intervention.

We told Allan he needs a big chunky infinity scarf, like the one Chef Jonathon Sawyer is wearing in the photo above.

I love infinity scarves because you can’t mess them up.  There’s no tying or complicated wrapping.  You just throw it over your head, twist it, and throw it over your head again.

Makes any man or woman instantly on trend. And warm!

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I wore an infinity scarf to the Indians Home Opener. I love ’em.


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