One Direction Admit Band Jealousies

Before One Direction played their sold out show at San Jose State Event Center, they took shared some pizza with 99.7 [NOW!]/San Francisco and revealed the nicest intra-band jealousies imaginable.

The UK boy band has seen a meteoric rise both, but their high level of success, according to Zayn Malik, has not gone to their heads.

“We’re just doing what we’re doing.” Malik commented, “And whatever records we break we just take along with us.”

Despite their humility about their success, when pressed all five guys did admit to being jealous of some trait of one of their band mates.

Naill Horan:

“I wish I could riff like Zayn.”

Zayn Malik:

“I’m a little bit jealous of Liam’s 6-pack.”

Louis Tomlinson:

“Zayn’s quiff [ed note: British for hair]”

Liam Payne:

“I wish I was a funny as Louie.”

Harry Styles

“I wish I had Nile’s Irish accent.”

Bradford Hornsby, 99.7 [NOW!]/San Francisco


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June 2, 2016
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