Actual Voice Mail From NYC GoGreen Tours

THIS IS THE ACTUAL AUDIO FROM THE VOICE MAIL I RECEIVED FROM THE TOUR COMPANY “NYC GoGreen Tours”. Backstory, I bought a voucher from LivingSocial and wanted to book my tour. I called NYC GoGreen Tours to do so. The man who answered the phone picked it up with an inaudible mutterings and finally a “HELLO!?”. I didn’t know how to respond. I said, “Umm, hello? Is this NYC GoGreen Tours?” He said, “Yeah, Lady! You called me, what do you want? Stop wasting my time.” To which I responded. “I want to book a tour for tomorrow”. He said, “Tours are done for today, website is there, didn’t you check the times?” I tried to tell him, I wanted to book it for tomorrow, he did not give me a second to explain to him this. He started screaming at me, telling me I am stupid and cussing me out to high heaven. I called back several times and tried to speak with ANYONE but him. He picked up the phone every time. I asked for the owner, he said he was the owner. The Youtube video is the actual audio from the voice mail he left me, while I was on the other line with Living Social (The company I bought the voucher from).

This is their website. Phone number is (347) 329-5082. If you feel the need to give this man a piece of your mind. What happened to customer service in this country!!!!!!


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