Adam Lambert On Relationships And Songwriting

Adam Lambert says his recent release Trespassing is his most personal album. Having complete creative control, he put his stamp on every aspect of the recording process. In an interview with 96.5 TIC/Hartford Lambert explained how being in a relationship also affected his songwriting.

“It changes your perspective. I think relationships are major. They’re a major force for everybody,” he said. “Whether you’re single or dating or you’re in a monogamous committed relationship I think everybody wants companionship on some level at some point of their lives.”

Lambert said he spent a long time being single and while he had a great time, he also learned a lot about himself.

“I got a lot of independence from being single. I learned how to look after myself and figure out what I needed first,” he said. “Now, being in a relationship the best thing is being able to do that for somebody else. Balancing things out and feeling grounded and feeling like it’s not all about you. It’s a beautiful sharing thing that goes down.”

While he’s happy in his current relationship he never forgets his single days.

“There are times where it’s really fun to be on your own.”

– Annie Reuter CBS Local





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