Wearing Skinny Jeans Can Kill You

This is the news women everywhere have been waiting for! Now it’s medically unsafe to wear skinny jeans. Here are the reasons why.

The wonderful researchers at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center have discovered when you wear skinny jeans, also know as “jeggings” it induces he symptoms of “Miralsha Parasthetica”. Let’s break down this lengthy medical terminology. “Miralsha Parasthetica” is a disorder that includes tingling, numbness and pain in the outer part of the thigh, due to one of the nerves in that area being compressed. This happens when you wear said “jeggings”. Your legs are encased in tight-fitting denim it can damage your nerves. Here is some more amazing news, if you wear high heels with your “jeggings” the condition will only worsen.

Sweat pants and flip flops for all!!!

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