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Kim Kardashian Talks With TODAY: ‘Kanye And I Have Been Friends For Years’

What’s with the backtracking? You were spotted on a date, subsequently doing the walk of shame, and Kanye West wrote a heartfelt song about his love for you entitled “Theraflu”.  Still don’t get that one, just thinking there could have been a better title, but then again, I haven’t really listened to the whole song.  So why so coy about the “relationship” Kim Kardashian?

Ann Curry interviewed the reality star and asked the hard hitting questions we all want to know, like how their date went when they went to see the Hunger Games.  “The movie was really interesting,” Kardashian laughed. Ahhh Kim!  Just tell us you held hands!  Give us something!

Of course Curry couldn’t help but ask about the lyrics to “Theraflu” in which Kanye professes his love, to which Kim replied, “You never know what the future holds or where my life will take me. I like the song!”

See the interview here…

And get the whole story from TODAY here!

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