Leonardo DiCaprio’s Look-A-Like?

I’m not buying this one.  This young Aussie, who was cast to play a young Leo in the Great Gatsby, definitely looks like a celeb, but I can’t put my finger on which one.  Either this is a bad photo, or I’m just not seeing the resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Here is the side by side photo here

After a global search, Australian actor Callan McAuliffe (who you may remember from I Am Number Four and Flipped) won the highly coveted part. But that’s when the real work began.

“I don’t actually look much like Leo,” the dark hair, brown eyed actor tells TheInsider.com. “So they gave me blue contact lenses, dyed my hair blonde and put it up in this coif – it’s interesting how much that altered my face. It really changed the way I looked. They really put a lot of work in to making a strong resemblance.”

See, maybe that’s why I am not seeing the resemblance.  You know what?  I think he looks like the Dawson’s Creek guy James Van der Beek.  Who do you think he looks like? You can say Leo, I can be wrong.


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