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Johnny Depp And Ashley Olsen Rumored One Night Stand!

WOW!  I thought that Johnny just mentioned that he was happy being with his longtime girlfriend?!  Guess not. In Touch has some juice details about an possible sleepover between Mr. Depp and Ms. Olsen.

In Touch says that on February 27, Johnny was spotted making an exit from a building connected to Ashley’s apartment building “looking like he didn’t want to be seen.”

In fact, an worker in the adjacent building confirms, “An e-mail went around to the employees saying Johnny Depp was using our building to try to avoid paparazzi.”

It turns out the star, 48, was leaving 23-years younger Ashley’s loft.


Here is the full story courtesy of thehollywoodgossip.com


  • Kristen

    Ew! Please say it isn’t so, Johnny!!! :-S

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