Rihanna and Chris Brown Reuniting On American Idol?

This is a very strong rumor right now, but I am really finding it hard to believe that this very popular TV show would reunite this toxic pair.  Seems too controversial for a program that is geared towards fans of all ages.

Rihanna is shocking everyone by tweeting back and forth with Chris Brown, then collaborating with him on two songs.  Did she forget that he physically abused her? One thing to forgive but another thing to forget and be besties again.

But I’ll come down from my soapbox, here are the details…a source close to American Idol says that producers are in talks with the two singers because they want them to reunite on the show.

Rihanna’s rep has denied all of this saying “It’s not true”.

Considering the backlash Chris Brown recently received after performing at the Grammys and winning one of the statues, I would say this would be a bad idea.  Have Rihanna on and leave it at that.


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