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Would You Pay $10 For A Cup Of Coffee?

An article in the Plain Dealer Says that’s just what might happen. Just as prices for crude oil were driven up (some purposely), coffee is next to see a price hike. It’s gone up everyday over the last 12 Days… some say without any real justification. As far as I’m concerned that’s going to go over like a lead balloon…


122182174 Would You Pay $10 For A Cup Of Coffee?

According to the International Coffee Organization, the daily average composite price of coffee beans has gone up nearly every day over the last 12 days (40% over the last year) Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images



The Plain Dealer’s Article On The Price Of Coffee Being Driven Up

  • http://PARKAVECOFFEE.COM kopitiam

    Thanks Jaci for the share

  • http://www.homesideas.net Mike

    thanks for this article, i realy like coffee.. this artikel so interesting. :)

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