Cherise Navidad’s Twitter Promise

Last Sunday, as the Dallas Mavericks ended up beating the Miami Heat in this years NBA Finals, I made a Twitter promise.  When the game was to tight for me to handle, I did what any other sane basketball fan who desperately wanted the Heat to lose would do, anything to push the Mavericks over the edge!

I made this Twitter promise, and we all know that Tweets are binding contracts!

tweet Cherise Navidads Twitter PromiseThanks to Cavs For Mavs for retweeting this to over 6,000 followers, I started getting all kinds of replies from people all over the country!  Every response from “get over it” to “thanks for the support”.  Still today, I am getting responses on this Tweet as it making its way around around the interwebs.  In fact, a Mavericks fan sent me a tweet today asking if I was still going through with it.

Without thinking too much about it, because after all, it was a silly tweet that really showed my desperation for a LeBron James loss, apparently it is news worthy.  I was contacted by a journalist from the New York Daily News who wanted to do an interview with me!  Never did I think, as I was watching the finals and tweeting, that one little thought would pick up and take off like that!  Cleveland Scene even picked up on the story!

Next Wednesday is the big day!  Like the article says, it is not up to me on the name this time, but Kevin knows that I sent this out and that the pressure is on to follow through!


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